“Clean Code” speaks to the quality of your software code

“Clean code” is software development done right. The software is efficient. It doesn’t repeat unnecessary functions. Its infrastructure is smart, taking full advantage of its software language capabilities. You don’t find odd “work arounds” because someone didn’t “know enough.” You find clever layers of code, organized consistently, knitted together in a way that makes sense, […]

Developing New Apps in SharePoint

We use SharePoint internally for time entry, task management as well as other collaborative applications. We also help customers with SharePoint. But there is a definite line where SharePoint becomes cumbersome to customize. SharePoint comes out-of-the-box with a lot of workflow power, indexing, and document storage capabilities, however, I have found that if you need […]

Microsoft MVC4 vs. Webforms

I recently tried Microsoft MVC on a client project and want to share my developer perspective. First, for those that don’t know, MVC stands for “Model View Controller.” It is a software development pattern…think of it as a way to layer the components of your system in an organized fashion. This pattern has been around […]

Make sure your Software Development Contract states that you own the Source Code

Sometimes I find clients in trouble. They don’t have ownership of their source code and suddenly need changes. But the company that developed the software is long gone. Their software works, but its only working in its “compiled” state. To make changes to the software, a person needs access to the source code. Sometimes it […]

MS Office: Choosing 64 or 32 bit

Office 2010 is the first Office version to offer you a choice of either a 64 or 32 bit version. Everyone’s first reaction seems to be “gimme the 64 bit version.” This isn’t always best. It depends on how you use Office. First, does the 64 bit version make a difference? Yes, the performance is […]

“How long should I keep my server?”

We, as in Bright Software, don’t really install servers anymore, but I get the “How long should I keep my server?” question a lot. I used to do hardware, years ago, and have in-depth knowledge of systems engineering. I know it’s difficult sometimes to trust the guy trying to sell you a new server because […]

Windows Media Center. I’m hooked.

The new version of Microsoft’s Media Center is included in all versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, and Ultimate editions. I have been using Windows Media Center since 2004, with Windows XP, but the newer versions get better and better. I hooked a PC to my LCD TV and it allows my family to view […]

In the Cloud @ Microsoft – So far, So Good

A couple months ago, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing had a very public outage. While inconvenient, I and our customers who use MS Cloud thought the support was very impressive. They handled it well; it was obvious they had a plan. They immediately offered discounts on next month’s bills. Obviously they were doing what they could to […]

Slow Database System Woes

One of the most common questions people ask me is, “How can we improve system performance?” If your system has an agonizingly slow response time, you know it’s wasting employee time. You probably fear it will crash. It could be costing you customers too. Or maybe you’ve had some IT people look into it, but […]

Use Access? Take advantage of Microsoft’s free version of SQL

Microsoft has a free version of SQL. It’s Microsoft SQL 2008R2 Express. It’s free, and more businesses should be taking advantage of it. Especially businesses using Access as their standalone database. I’ve watched office workers build their day around a slow Access database. Their end users press a button in their database, then they get […]