Read answers to your most common questions about Bright Software

Ray D’Andrade, founder, Bright Software offers answers to your questions about fees, employees, competencies, and management style.


1) How long has Bright Software been in business?

I, Ray D’Andrade, founded Bright Software nearly 15 years ago. Prior to that, I worked for IT contractors and as an Environmental Engineer. Consulting just seemed like a natural fit when I was ready to create my own business, which was started in 2000.

I began my career in 1992 as an Environmental Engineer after earning my BS in Civil Engineering at the University of Delaware. The technical field was growing fast then, and so was my interest. I’d find ways to automate work-related tasks with computers to aid in our remediation projects. Eventually, I decided to take a pay cut to change my career to computing and I held various IT contractor positions, doing everything from writing code, to server installs, to support and networking.

As I met more people and customers from various backgrounds who liked my work and my capabilities, it just made sense to break out on my own and establish my own consulting business. I’m a self-starter and I really do like working with people to help them solve their problems.

2) Why are you doing this?

Love the work. I have a passion for doing the work. I like learning new business models and how they function and then trying to have our team wrap software around it. I like when the customer sees that we “get it” and that they then have confidence in my firm’s abilities to help them with their problem.

3) Can I trust you to do what you say you will do?

We do what we say we will do. I place high value on communication, I, and my employees, return phone calls. Plus, I am your main contact for any of your project needs. Visit our testimonials.

Others give me a blank look. Ray has original ideas on how to apply technology that others don’t know about.
– Jim Mangarella, J. M. Ahle
If he promises it will get done, it will get done.
– Allan Woolway, ITS
First group who gets it all done right and doesn’t twiddle their thumbs.
– Tim Lefens, A.R.T.

4) Does Bright Software have the experience that I really want?

Call us. If our firm can’t meet your needs, we’ll make recommendations.

Bright Software developers have expertise in tools such as:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, including VB.Net, ASP.Net and C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Java
  • Oracle Database

Our staff is continually educated on the latest technologies and I, Ray D’Andrade, President, also have a broad range of IT experiences outside of software development that enables me to understand the business processes, the trouble-spots, and the roles of other IT professionals who may be involved in a project team. All this helps me us see the big picture, fast, and enables us to arrive at original ideas others simply do not know about. Our customers see results quicker and can sleep at night knowing their work is “done right the first time.”

Read our case studies for details on the specific types of experience we have in building systems that may compliment your business objectives.

5) Do you outsource your development work to India or overseas?

I get this question a lot. We have never outsourced any client development work and have no plans to outsource client’s projects. All work is done here, in the U.S.A., under my management.

6) How many employees do you have?

Currently, we have 6 employees.

7) Do you have international experience?

Yes. We have created systems in Israel, England, Hungary, and Australia that are multi-language, multi-currency and deal with time zone differences.

8) Do you know how to create a system “from scratch”?

Yes. We can create new systems “from scratch,” as well as repair or add features to existing systems. Being able to create an entirely new system based on an interpretation of your requirements is the hallmark of good software development. Believe me, only a subset of developers are able to do this-and do it well. It proves the developers know the fundamentals of your business processes and how to translate that into system development.

9) Do you provide references?

Yes. We provide references. As you’d suspect, we provide them based on the relevancy to the type of work you need.

10) Do you explain things in a way I can understand?

I talk on business terms, not technical jargon. Consultancy firms who expressly use technical jargon you don’t understand are not doing their job. If you aren’t technical, you should never have to listen silently and feel ignorant. I explain what I mean so you can see how it will impact your work, your business.