Read answers to your most common questions about Bright Software

Ray D’Andrade, founder, Bright Software offers answers to your questions about fees, employees, competencies, and management style.


1) What makes Bright Software better than other companies doing this?

What differentiates Bright Software from other software development firms is our ability to “wrap” technology around your business goals, not vice versa. To say it another way: I, as your main contact, understand business and I’m extremely competent in my understanding of how to apply technology and then manage a team to ensure it gets done on time.

We save customers time and money because we can do in one day, what would take other software developers 4 days. You don’t have to pay us to research your problems because it’s likely we’ve seen them before. It takes us less time to do what needs to done—and you can “sleep well” knowing it is done right the first time.

“Done right the first time” is a big deal when it’s your money involved. Frankly, there are a lot of developers working in firms out there with programming experience only an inch-deep. We know, because we’re called in to fix their creations after the business owner has already thrown $20K at the project.

If you aren’t technical, I’ll explain things in a way you can understand. I don’t make fancy speeches about what you need and don’t use jargon you don’t understand. If I did, I wouldn’t be doing my job. You should feel comfortable asking me any questions.

Also know that compared to large consulting firms, I remain your main contact for the duration of any project. I’m not just a project manager, I’m hands on, and personally manage my developers under my methodology. The buck stops here, with me.

And because I am the owner of my own company, I have a higher stake in your satisfaction. Your success directly affects my brand and whether you would choose to work with us again.

2) What do your competitors say about you?

It’s best to ask our references what they say about us verses the competition. We are sure that offshore companies make claims about doing development cheaper than we do. We know that their hourly rate is cheaper but that is only the beginning of their cost, if the application doesn’t do what you need it to do, or if it takes too long to complete. A large segment of our business comes from fixing, scrapping and/or rebuilding their projects.

3) What do your current customers say about you?

I would think they’d say we’re honest, innovative and responsive. Read our testimonials.