Vision Electrical Contractors

Electronic Invoicing Saves Vision Electric $17,000/year

Vision Electrical Contractors provides fast, reliable electrical services for hundreds of businesses across New Jersey. As such, their crew of licensed electricians are constantly in need of electrical supplies for any number of open jobs at a time. Every week the front office had a stack of paper invoices for switches, wire, outlets, and any other needed electrical equipment to keep projects moving forward. All of these invoices had to be manually entered until Bright Software Development helped Vision Electric coordinate EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, with their largest supply vendor. Now, by spending $8,000 they save $17,000 per year on what used to pay for manual data entry. Plus, they reap all the benefits of having these invoices automatically integrated into their customer database: faster processing, instant invoice retrieval, more detailed, accurate customer records, and—because they can pay invoices quicker—they are often eligible for vendor discounts.

Products and Technologies:

  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft Access
  • MS SQL Database
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Money Saved: $17K/year

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