Murphy Tractor

Mobile App Development using doForms Puts All Information A Click Away

Bright Software built a mobile solution for Murphy Tractor based on doForms. doForms makes it easy to automate workflow with real-time dispatch and automated emails and you can track your workers from their mobile device. Bright Software is a Certified doForms Reseller. We build forms, created dedicated databases, and build web applications that integrate with doForms to optimize the impact of their data with their employees and customers.

They are using forms which collect pictures, videos, and drawings. Murphy Tractor is one example where a long time doForms customer wanted to up their game and build a killer web application to sell used heavy equipment. They build their own forms and use doForms to document each piece of equipment they took in on trade. They documented the condition and the features of each piece of equipment and then took many pictures to help customers clearly see what the equipment looks like.

Bright Software stepped in to build Murphy Tractor a complete ecommerce solution. There is a backend to manage the entire inventory and a customer facing website that makes it simple for customers to view their entire inventory on-line.

Products and Technologies:

  • doForms mobile forms and API
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • C#

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