American Microloan

Start-up, American Microloan, Moves Away from Excel Spreadsheets and Saves $70K

American Microloan, founded in 2001, provides short-term working capital financing to hundreds of Visa/MasterCard merchants, many of which are restaurant owners. What differentiates American Microloan is that their customers agree to pay daily interest on their loan as a percentage of their daily credit card sales which saves them money over the life of the loan; it’s a very unique business model that stands out in a sea of competing factor-type financers. Yet, American Microloan’s unique business model needed a unique technicalsolution to match. As the business grew, employees were mired in Excel spreadsheets, working well into the night manually tracking all the daily loan transactions. Early attempts with database developers proved fruitless. It wasn’t until Bright Software Development took the time to truly understand their complex business model did they save $70K they would have spent on hiring new Excel-savvy employees.

Products and Technologies:

  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Database

Timeframe: 6 weeks

Money Saved: $70K/year

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